Friday, May 27, 2011

I Have Tape On My Car

I have tape on my car. On purpose. It keeps the cover on a light that otherwise would not stay on.

I grew up in Guatemala where duct tape is commonly used to patch up cars. So when I put the tape on, I was smiling in memory of the mother land. I noticed the other day that I suddenly felt embarrassed about this. An expensive car rolled up next to me, spewing loud music out into the air, creating an illusion of "it"ness. I looked over and thought, "I'm not riding in a cool machine like they are. If they look over right now, they just might see the tape and know that I don't have 'it'." [Really? Don't we grow out of thoughts like this?]

Soon enough I'll be buying a sparkly new ego-mobile. For now, I'm keeping the tape on my car on purpose. It reminds me that I am not my car. I am not my things. 'Cool' is in the eye of the beholder. Embarrassment is something I create - it's completely self-inflicted, based on my own perceptions, which also means I can let it go whenever I want.

So look for my taped up car on the roads, and if you see me driving by, wave and point. [But don't honk. Trying to cut down on noise pollution.]

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  1. Beautiful post. I have a zip-tie where a fog light ought to be on my car right now. Stuff is stuff. Cars get us where we want to go.