Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sane AND busy?

As I'm beginning to build my practice as an acupuncturist, I'm venturing into being an entrepreneur in the health industry. Entrepreneurs are notorious for being workaholics. As I rack up the hours studying, working, planning, & treating, how do I stay healthy myself? With a packed schedule, home cooked meals, working out, and early bedtimes aren't as easy to make time for. "Busy" is a choice, not something that happens to us like mosquito bites. So if I continue to choose to keep my schedule full, can I maintain my sanity and my health?
My teacher introduced me to the concept of being present while busy. Present to each moment - present to whether my breathing is shallow or my forehead is scrunched or my back is rounded. Present to whether I need a sip of water. Present to fully sitting in my chair or firmly standing on the ground. Present to the eyes of the person in front of me. Present to driving my car. Present to the task at hand, not the 100 things I need to do before tomorrow. So far, I've been "practicing" this for a whopping three days and it's making difference -I'm carrying less tension in my body, which is a good step toward keeping both my sanity and my health!