Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everything you need to know is in the Silence

I really, really like silence. Which is why I haven't posted fresh wordy blogs more often. When I do less and listen to the nothingness, my senses open up and I feel. Then I learn from what I feel. Paying attention to what's going on with the body and how the body feels is what I ask my patients to do. From this awareness comes answers about recovery. This is what I'm practicing: how can I do less and listen more?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Easy on the resolutions!

January, in our culture, has been coined a time for resolutions, a fresh start, a "new you".
Gym memberships skyrocket, sales of diet foods increase, and cigarette purchases dip.
This economic trend is just as predictable when it comes as when it goes - as soon a February rolls around. That's when we say, "Resolutions are meant to be broken, right?"
Change is the one true constant.
Chinese Medicine is based on change. Yin and yang were words created to describe the "shady side of the mountain" and the "sunny side of the mountain" respectively.  The ancient Chinese observed that over the course of the days, months, and years, the sun's rays cast shadows on the mountains. The shady spots and sunny spots were ever changing, moving and morphing into each other. Such is life. Our environment is ever changing. The seasons continue to morph into each other. We are ever growing (and then shrinking, once we hit a certain age!).
The game in this life is to be graceful in the midst of change. Can we find a way to be easy on ourselves when we make and break resolutions. Can we love ourselves when we're eating another piece of cake or smoking another cigarette. Can we embrace our aches and pains, watching them change when we move, when we wake up, as the sun rises and sets on our day. Can we gracefully be aware of the tension in our back in the midst of the meeting at work or the traffic jam. Can we stay flexible when our schedule fills up.
I'm practicing being easy with myself - less blame,  more love. Like they say to horses...."Woah... Easy girl."

Free community class! 
Winter is the perfect season to practice going easy on ourselves. Nature slows down this time of year: animals hibernate, water freezes, seeds sleep in the ground, and darkness keeps trying to tuck us into bed earlier. There are ways we can pay attention to the season so that we are easier on ourselves, appreciate the meaning of rejuvenation, and prepare for the bustling year ahead. Rachel Brumberger and I will be teaching a free community class about thriving in winter on January 21st, 2012, at Crossings in Silver Spring, MD at 10am. If you've found that you have a hard time in winter, or would like to hear more about a Chinese Medicine perspective on the season, we'd love for you to join us! Click here for more details.