Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring takes your body for a roller coaster ride

Before coming to acupuncture school, I thought seasons and weather patterns were just things that either made it easier or harder for me to get out and go places. Rain was a hair killer, snow was a drive killer, hot sun was a fair skin killer. What happened outside stayed outside. It had no affect on me other than that. Or so I thought. 

As I've been studying this medicine based on nature, I've learned how much our own bodies are ecosystems with built in seasons too. Our temperature rises and falls depending on the hour, day and season, and our landscape is either dry (alligator legs?) or rainy (swampy pits?). Our body clocks are affected by the time change. Our hormones are also directly affected by the amount of light the day gives us. Our skins is our largest organ, absorbing and protecting us from not only the sun's rays but also moisture and wind.

News flash: what happens outside is not staying outside. It's all up in your business.

I know spring as a roller coaster called "The Pissed off Life Lover". Every year I expect February to get less and less cold, so that March can grow warmer and warmer so spring can sprinkle it's magic on us with its sunny, 65 degree, bird-chirping, sit-outside-on-a-patio-enjoying-life weather. I've learned though, that part of spring is that one day it's a mess of a rainstorm -  freezing and windy - or the random snowstorm followed by a bright pollen-filled day. One day I'm in love with life: nothing and no one could be more beautiful. The next day I'm a sinusy mess ready to end it all for no apparent reason. It makes for a jerky ride.

That roller coaster feeling in this season is actually the norm. And that pissed feeling for no reason - also the norm. Now that I know it's a roller coaster, and I'm aware that what goes on outside is affecting how I feel on the inside, I'm more prepared. I fasten my seat belt and raise my hands in a screaming smile instead of a scary shriek. In other words, I wear layers, take naps, break out the neti pot(or do a spring cleanse!), drink water, and get a few acupuncture treatments to ease my way through it.

How are you feeling this spring?

(photo courtesy of Avi_Abrams' photostream)

I'll be talking more about this topic on Saturday, 3/10/12 at 10:30am at Crossings in downtown Silver Spring, MD. My classmate Rachel Brumberger and I will be talking about ways to ease into spring including tips about allergies, nutrition, rest, and activities that tap into the emotions that you may or may not be aware of that come with the season too! Join us! Register by emailing me.

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