Friday, May 4, 2012

Press this magic point when traveling!

I recently took a weekend trip to Chicago. After rushing through security and squishing my self into my cozy middle seat on the plane there, the woman on the left of me sneezed, spray showering me. Oh, the joys of traveling. This is when I reached down and pressed - rather, dug into as hard as I could - an acupuncture point on my leg with my fingers.

Let me tell you about this magic little point: It's called ST36, Zu San Li, or "Leg Three Miles". The story goes goes that ancient Chinese would run long distances to carry messages or during battles. They would reach down and press this point when running to go 'three more miles'. The point stabilizes and harmonizes, facilitates nourishment and resilience.

When I fly, I feel uprooted, ungrounded, full of stale cabin air, and sluggish upon landing, making it harder to transition into whichever time zone I'm entering. I pressed this point, on both legs, during both plane rides on this trip and I felt more stable in myself, energized, less rattled, and not fearful about being sneezed on. I didn't get sick or a have a meltdown. It was like I pushed my "all immunity systems go!" button.

Next time you fly, or take a road trip, try it!
It's located about one hand width below the bottom of your knee cap (patella), and about one finger width away from the tibia, on the outer front side on both legs.
Ask your local acupuncturist for "seeds" like the one shown here, which are tiny beads stuck to a tiny bandage that gently activate a point when you're not getting acupuncture done!

Happy travels!