Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hold onto your addiction...

Sometimes you've gotta hold on tight to your addiction (ah-hem, Starbucks).
If you have a habitual thing you do or consume every day, study it. Become an expert on what it does to your body.

I hear all the time that coffee is bad for me. And still, I am consciously choosing to drink it once daily. I do it on purpose as a token of joy and love for where I came from. I was born and raised in Guatemala; we had coffee beans growing in our back yard. My family raised me to be a coffee snob. My husband never drank coffee until he met he's also a coffee snob. 

When I drink it, I take careful note about how jittery or dehydrated or artificially alert I may feel. On days when I know I don't need to be in this state, I consciously refrain from my caffeine fix. Until I decide to fast from coffee for a solid stretch of time, I'm going to continue with gusto, drink it on purpose with a clear conscience, and continue to learn through awareness the internal costs I may be paying for it.

If you do have an addiction you're ready to let go of, contact your local acupuncturist. We have amazing treatment protocols to help you detox and de-stress while you kick the habit.

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