Thursday, October 11, 2012

You are amazing.

I was recently told that I was amazing. And... that I was bawdy too... but I'm not sure that one was a compliment.
When I heard the words "you are amazing", I physically felt my body temp rise and my shoulders relax. It doesn't matter whether I actually am amazing or whether I'm really a criminal. What matters is that my body responded in that moment - it relaxed a little -  it healed a little.

I took a cue from the person who paid me the compliment - As often as I can do so from a place of honesty, I am practicing telling people they are amazing. When I do, I mean it, intending it as a gift that their body will respond to (consciously or subconsciously) in a life opening way.

In Chinese Medicine, Autumn is about acknowledgment. Acknowledge the fruits of your labor, the work you do, the person you have become, the fact that you are here, now, alive and breathing.

Try this:
First, say to yourself: "I'm amazing"and mean it. What subtle shifts do you notice internally?
Next, find someone today to say "You're amazing" to and mean it. What do you notice in your own body as you tell them, and what response to you get from them?
Amazing leaf.
I'll be teaching a free community class about living well in Autumn according to Chinese Medicine this Sunday, Oct 14th at 11am at Crossings in Silver Spring, MD.