Thursday, February 14, 2013

Food diary time again

It's been a while since the last time I kept a food diary. And now I'm doing it again.

I just started seeing a great nutrition counselor, Maureen George, and was prescribed a gluten free diet for 2 weeks. I'm skeptical about all specific diets, since my motto in life is everything in moderation. But hey, for the sake of perhaps learning something new about my body, I agreed.

It's been one week now, and so far, the jury is still out on gluten & me. What I have been reminded of, however, are two things:

  • Everyone should keep a food diary at some point in time: it's like looking in a mirror when you think you're looking good... only to find your shirt's been mis-buttoned and you've had gunk in your teeth. Time to straighten it up.
  • Eating while entrenched in an activity like working, talking, walking, typing, problem-solving or driving is a recipe for knotted digestion. According to Chinese medicine, excessive thinking and worry while eating can cause the body to compete for where to send the qi. Someone's going to lose, either your soon-to-be foggy brain or your grumpy gut.
With that, I'm going to stop typing now so I can eat my kale then drink my water in peace.