Monday, August 19, 2013

Did you get enough play time this Summer?

As I see the kids getting ready to go back to school, I’m reminded of how recess used to be.

I was recently motivated to go running by my friend Yogitastic’s blog post “I hate running”. I too am normally a hater when it comes to running. Love the idea, can’t find a way around the shin splints.

Reverse psychology must be true though, because with my newly aroused curiosity of just how horrible running is, I picked up running over the past few weeks.

Here’s how it went each time:
Jogged a few minutes, walked a few minutes, stopped and stretched, did a few qi gong moves, talked to a bird, got distracted by the way the light was streaming through the trees, went to stand under the streamy light, jogged a bit more, walked, stretched, jogged, did a few lunges to get home.

I spent the time focusing on moving in a way that was fun rather than judging myself for not going faster, longer, harder. I paid attention to my gait, the way my feet were striking the ground, the way my hands were swinging. I worked out a tightness in my heel that has not reappeared thanks to all this ankle movement.

It felt good to feel good.

Why is it that adults don’t seem to move unless there is a structure for it - a gym, a class, a teacher, a dvd, a type of weight to use. Kids move just to move. They don’t wait for jungle gym time to jump around. They move often, in all kinds of ways. I remember growing into junior high and feeling the self-imposed need to contain and compose myself. That was the death of spontaneous movement.

Before summer is gone, bop around a bit to loosen up. [I don’t want to hear about it though if you throw your shoulder out of socket or pull a hammy doing upside down jumping jacks.]

Play. It does a body good.