Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free "shutdown stress relief" acupuncture sessions 10/1/13

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."-Gandhi
I'd like to see a little more chilled out Washington DC area so I'm offering a little peace and calm.

Calling all feds! Stressed out by the shutdown? Wandering aimlessly with no office to go to? Come get some free stress relief!

I, along with Rachel Brumberger, (we are licensed acupuncturists) will be offering free group-style acupuncture sessions to federal employees and contractors affected by the government shutdown.

When: 10/1/13,  2pm-6pm

Where: A pop-up location in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. Metro accessible. Email joy@thejoyofacupuncture.com for the address.


  1. This post is awesome, would it be okay if I ask question? Acupuncture Thank you so much and so glad I found your site..

  2. It is quite hard to be a change that we want to see around but you people are doing an extremely appreciating thing for the people of United States as it is quite a harsh time for those employees who are the victims of shutdown policy. As a physiotherapist, you are doing the best work for the humanity to give them some relief for free to get back to their lives.

  3. How brilliant a blog can be, who could have ever envisioned that.No worries